Hand Crafted

A Raleigh based distillery bringing hand crafted spirits to the Oak City.  We’re 100% grain-to-glass, with every step of production occurring on site.

Locally Sourced

Pinetop Distillery uses locally sourced craftsman and materials to support our operations. Our continuous still and fractional column were cut and welded in Raleigh NC.

Classic Recipe

Pinetop combines pre-Prohibition style recipes and modern distillation methods to create uniquely smooth spirits.

Notice: Pinetop is not currently hosting tours. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued support as we work to make some exciting changes that we hope will improve our product and our ability to accommodate visitors in the future. Thank you!

During Prohibition, distillers crafted small batches of exceptionally smooth liquor they called Pinetop. By combining the very best ingredients with modern distillation methods, we have taken their classic recipes and created a painstakingly handcrafted spirit once again worthy of that name.

Pinetop Carolina Moonshine

With our roots running deep, we’ve grown in the pines. Just like the moonshiners of old, we use local ingredients and natural grains to craft our classic, hand-crafted spirits. Add in some modern distillation methods, and you’ll find that Pinetop Distillery is a shockingly smooth style of liquor, fit for sipping or mixing as you choose. The adventure begins.

Pinetop Carolina Gin

At Pinetop Distillery, using our exceptionally smooth unaged whiskey as a base, we add citrus notes perfectly balanced with traditional gin botanicals to transform it into a truly extraordinary gin. Embracing a grain to glass commitment in all we do, the depth of flavor delivered by our mashbill accentuates our simple, yet impactful, botanical blend. By vapor-infusing each of these spices into our spirit, we ensure our gin remains consistently smooth, crisp and flavorful in every proper Martini or modern cocktail you enjoy.

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